'(Dis)unity'– Interactive mural.
David 'MEGGS' Hooke
Acrylic & aerosol, Fort Wayne Museum of Art, April 2017.

 Technology has the ability to unite us as a burgeoning ‘global community.' Yet, those in power appear determined to use it as a tool to divide us from each other and our Mother Earth. When we truly value unity over division, we can achieve what is best for all ... PEACE. - MEGGS

'(Dis)unity' is an interactive mural created for the 'JUXTAPOZED' exhibition at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, presented by Thinkspace Gallery and CoPro Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The final animation is composed of two separate murals painted in the museum prior to the show's opening on April 21, 2017. 

Special thanks to Andrew Hosner and Shawn Vezinaw of Thinkspace Gallery, Josef Zimmerman and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art staff, Brock Brake, and Miya Tsukazaki for making this possible.